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The Village of South River has approximately 1,049 residents and 507 dwellings. 

Municipal tax bills are distributed twice per year and have a total of 4 installments/due dates.  The interim tax bills are mailed near the end of February each year and normally have due dates on the last business day of March and June. The interim tax bill is billed at 50% of the previous year's levy.  The final tax bills are mailed near the end of August and normally have installment due dates on the last business day of September and November.  The final tax bill is determined by the current year's tax rate less the interim billing. Interest is charged monthly at a rate of 1.25%.

As per the Municipal Act 2001, Section 347 (1) and (2) if you have arrears owing on your property tax account; when a payment is made it will be applied to the interest amount first. The remainder of the payment will be applied to the arrears next and then the current levy.

See a complete listing of tax rates in the following by-laws:

2023 Tax Rates

2022 Tax Rates

2021 Tax Rates

2020 Tax Rates

2019 Tax Rates

2018 Tax Rates

2017 Tax Rates

2016 Tax Rates

2015 Tax Rates

2014 Tax Rates


The municipality does not set the value of your assessment.  If you have questions about the assessment of your property, contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) by calling 1-866-296-6722.

Tax Sale Fee Schedule - A List of set fees and charges schedules for Tax Sale Services


If you require a Commissioner of Oath to sign a document(s), please contact the municipal office to schedule an appointment for this service.  A Commissioner of Oath is different from a Notary Public; it is your responsibility to know what is required for your document(s).  The duty of a Commissioner of Oath is to witness your signature, so be sure that you DO NOT sign the document before the Commissioner of Oath requests you to do so in their presence.  You will be required to show photo identification and pay a fee for this service.  Failure to meet these requirements will mean that the Commissioner of Oath will NOT sign your document(s).  To schedule an appointment, please call the municipal office at (705)386-2573.

Direct Deposit Application for Vendors


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Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statement 2017

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