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A Note about by-laws from 2016 and earlier:

Please note that most of the by-laws from 2016 and earlier are in Microsoft Word format and require the program to be installed on your computer in order to view them. If you don't have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, download and install the free Microsoft Word viewer.


#49-2022 Regulate the Keeping of Poultry and Livestock

#12-2017 Keeping Certain Animals -Being a By-law to Prohibit the Keeping of Certain Animals within the Village of South River

#34-2016 Parking - Being a by-law to regulate parking.

#23-2006 Designate & Regulate Public Parks & Parklands - Being a by-law to designate and regulate public parks and parkland

#18-2016, Smoking in Public Places & #24-2016 Amend Smoking by-law - Being a by-law respecting smoking in public places

#13-2012 Open Air Burning - to regulate the setting of open air fires

#5-2014, Water By-law - Being a by-law to enact rules and regulations for the installation, repair, maintenance and access to water meters, the water distribution system, related appurtenances, cross connection control and pricing including penalties for offences. View 2023 Water Rates Schedule A & B. 

#7-93 Hawkers & Peddlers - Being a by-law to Licence Mobile Food Vendors and Hawkers and Peddlars

#21-2015 Source Water Protection Zoning Amendment - Being a By-law of the Village of South River to amend Zoning By-law 17-95

#17-95 zoning - Municipal zoning information.  If you would like to determine or change the zoning for a property, please contact the municipal office in case there has been an amendment or to receive more information. 

#9-2018 Clean Yards - Being a by-law to establish the standards for the maintenance of lands in a clean and clear condition

#35-2015 ATV - Being a by-law to permit the operation of certain off-road vehicles on highways under the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the Village of South River

#30-2017 Noise - Being a by-law to regulate and otherwise control noise.

#32-2021 Dog -Being a By-law For the Regulation and Licensing of Dogs And For the Control of Dogs Generally Within the Village of South River

#23-2021 Shipping Containers - Being a By-law to regulate shipping containers

#30-2021 Garbage - Being a By-law to regulate public garbage

#34-2021 Garage Sale Limit - Being a By-law to limit garage and yard sales


By-law 1-2022 - Borrowing

By-law 2-2022 - Fee Schedule

By-law 3-2022 - Confirming

By-law 4-2022 - Confirming

By-law 5-2022 - NORDS Transfer Payment Agreement

By-law 6-2022 - Confirming

By-law 7-2022 - Confirming

By-law 8-2022 - Community Well Being Safety Plan for the Almaguin Highlands

By-law 9-2022 - Municipal Law Enforcement Joint Agreement

By-law 10-2022 - Confirming

By-law 11-2022 - MLEO Appointment

By-law 12-2022 - CFO Treasurer Appointment

By-law 13-2022 - Confirming

By-law 14-2022 - Bruman Construction Agreement

By-law 15-2022 - Confirming

By-law 16-2022 - NOHFC Conditional Contribution Agreement

By-law 17-2022 - Election Resource Usage

By-law 18-2022 - 15 Grant Crt. Accessory Dwelling

By-law 19-2022 - Confirming

By-law 20-2022 Advance Poll Dates

By-law 21-2022 Lakeland Energy Alternate Locate Agreement

By-law 22-2022 Confirming

By-law 23-2022 Confirming

By-law 24-2022 Confirming

By-law 25-2022 Joint MLEO

By-law 26-2022 Minor Variance 291 HWY 124

By-Law 27-2022 Disconnect from Work Policy

By-law 28-2022 Noise

By-law 29-2022 Confirming

By-law 30-2022 ICIP 2021 Green Stream Transfer Payment Agreement

By-law 31-2022 Restrictive Period Delegation of Authority

By-law 32-2022 Confirming

By-law 33-2022 Tax Rate

By-law 34-2022 Tax Ratio

By-law 35-2022 Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Policy

By-law 36-2022 Building Department Services Agreement

By-law 37-2022 Deputy Chief Building Official

By-law 38-2022 Bell Canada for Next Generation 9-1-1 Service

By-law 39-2022 Confirming

By-law 40-2022 Health and Safety Policies

By-law 41-2022 Confirming

By-law 42-2022 GSS Engineering By Law Agreement

By-law 43-2022 Confirming

By-law 44-2022 Confirming

By-law 45-2022 Confirming

By-law 46-2022 Confirming

By-law 47-2022 Ricoh Printing Services Agreement

By-law 48-2022 Confirming

By-law 49-2022 Regulate the Keeping of Poultry and Livestock

By-law 50-2022 Asset Management Plan

By-law 52-2022 Fire and Arena Shared Services Agreement

By-law 53-2022 Appoint an Integrity Commissioner

By-law 54-2022 Appoint an External Auditor

By-law 55-2022 Confirming

By-law 56-2022 Establish a Joint Compliance Audit Committee

By-law 57-2022 Rezoning 132 Broadway St.

By-law 58-2022 TD Bank Loan Agreement

By-law 59-2022 Confirming

By-law 60-2022 Confirming

By-law 61-2022 Confirming

By-law-1-2021-GSS Engineering Agreement






By-law-7-2021-ICIP Green Stream Transfer Payment Agreement

By-law-8-2021-Grant in Aid Policy



By-law-11-2021-Rezone Pt Lots 73 74 and Lot 75 Plan 134

By-Law 12-2021 - Rezone 116 Broadway

By-law 13-2021 Fire Safety Transfer Payment Agreement

By-Law 14-2021-Confirming

By-law-15-2021-Swift Canoe and Kayak

By-law-16-2021-Vals Equipment Bylaw Agreement


By-law-18-2021-Establish a Joint Compliance Committee




By-law 22-2021 Zoning Amendment 68 Riverside Ave

By-law 23-2021-To Regulate Shipping Containers

By-law 24-2021-Confirming

By-law 25-2021-40 KM Speed Limit

By-law 26-2021-Confirming

By-law 27-2021-Rezoning 389 HWY 124

By-law 28-2021-Tax Rate 2021

By-law 29-2021-Tax Ratio 2021

By-law 30-2021-Public Garbage

By-law 31-2021-Student Transfer Agreement NPSSTS

By-law 32-2021-Dog Bylaw

By-law 33-2021-Confirming

By-law 34-2021 - Garage Sale Limit

By-law 35-2021 - ICIP Covid Agreement

By-law 36-2021 - Confirming

By-law 37-2021 - Confirming

By-law 38-2021 - Confirming

By-law 39-2021 - Town of Parry Sound Ambulance Depot Lease

By-law 40-2021 - Confirming

By-law 41-2021 - Confirming

By-law 42-2021 - MMAH Modernization Transfer Payment Agreement

By-law 43-2021 - Confirming

By-law 44-2021 - Confirming

By-law 45-2021 - Rezone 106 Ottawa Ave

By-law 46-2021 - Rezone 22 Marie St

By-law 47-2021 - Rezone 289/291 Hwy 124

By-law 48-2021 - Confirming

By-law 49-2021 - Townsuite Municipal Software By-law Agreement

By-law 50-2021 - Confirming


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