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Council Members 2022 to 2026

Mayor: Jim Coleman                                           (705)386-2573

Deputy Mayor: Bill O'Hallarn                                (705)386-2573

Councillor: Teri Brandt                                        (705)386-2573

Councillor: Brenda Scott                                      (705)386-2573

Councillor: Robert Brooks                                      (705)386-2573


Clerk-Administrator, Don McArthur              (705)386-2573


Normally Council meets in the Council chambers at 63 Marie St on the second and fourth Tuesday each month except for holiday Tuesdays, in which case it is held on the Wednesday.

If you would like to make a deputation, requests must be handed in to the  Municipal office no later than Wednesday before the meeting.

For  complete information about governance of South River Council meetings see the Procedural By Law 13-2024


A note about Minutes for 2015 and 2016:

Please note that minutes for the years 2015 and 2016 are in Microsoft Word format and require the program to be installed on your computer in order to view them. If you don't have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, download and install the free Microsoft Word viewer.


Date Council Meeting Agenda

Agendas are available at the South River Municipal office on the day of the meeting.



Agendas Minutes
Agenda Jan-09-23 Council Minutes January 9 2023
Agenda Jan-23-2023 Council Minutes January 23 2023
Committee of the Whole Agenda Jan-25-2023 Council Minutes January 25 2023
Special Council Agenda Feb-1-2023 Council Minutes February 1 2023
Agenda Feb-13-2023 Council Minutes February 13 2023
Committee of the Whole Agenda Feb-15-2023 Council Minutes February 15 2023
Agenda Feb-27-2023 Council Minutes February 27 2023
Joint Council Agenda Mar-6-2023 (Machar Council Chambers) Council Minutes March 6 2023
Agenda Mar-13-2023 Council Minutes March 13 2023
Agenda Mar-27-2023 Council Minutes March 27 2023
Agenda Apr-11-2023 Council Minutes April 11 2023
Agenda Apr-24-2023 Council Minutes April 24 2023
Agenda May-8-2023 Council Minutes May 8 2023
Agenda May-23-2023 Council Minutes May 23 2023
Agenda June-12-2023 Council Minutes June 12 2023
Agenda June-26-2023 Council Minutes June 26 2023
Agenda July-10-2023 Council Minutes July 10 2023
Agenda July-24-2023 Council Minutes July 24 2023
Special Council Agenda August-09-2023 Council Minutes August 09 2023
Agenda August-14-2023 Council Minutes August 14 2023
Agenda September-11-2023 Council Minutes September 11 2023
Agenda September-25-2023 Council Minutes September 25 2023
Agenda October-10-2023 Council Minutes October 10 2023
Agenda October-23-2023 Council Minutes October 23 2023
Agenda November-14-2023 Council Minutes November 14 2023
Agenda November-27-2023 Council Minutes November 27 2023
Agenda December-11-2023 Council Minutes December 11 2023
Agenda December-12-2023 Council Minutes December 12 2023